The Methodology Chapter of The Dissertation

Not all dissertations require a dissertation methodology section and accordingly, you should check with your supervisor and/or course handbook as to whether your department expects one to be included. Dissertation Methodology Customarily, the methodology section will comprise ten to fifteen percent of the dissertation. As a general rule, undergraduate dissertations in subjects such as law, politics, and history do not require methodologies (as such dissertations tend to be focused on the reinterpretation of existing data) whereas dissertations that involve the collection of new data, interviews, or experiments, do require explicit methodology sections (for instance, in risk management, business, or chemistry). In dissertations that do not feature a methodology chapter, the word count released is divided among the other sections.

Types of Research

  • Primary research:

Primary research relates to the collection of primary (new) data or the use, in history, of sources written at the time of the event you are studying by actors within that period. A questionnaire that you conduct as part of your research would be primary research and a letter written by Henry VIII would be a primary source.

  •  Secondary research:

It refers to data that has already been published and the re-examination of that data and further utilization of it within your study. The reusing of a questionnaire and the results that have already been published would be secondary research in the same way that a book explaining the aforementioned letter by Henry VIII would be a secondary source.

Types of Research Analysis

  • Quantitative research:

Quantitative research only produces results on the specific issue that is being investigated and uses statistical, mathematical, and computational programs. A closed-ended questionnaire would be analyzed using quantitative research if the researcher merely computed the results and produced a series of comments as to the percentages of respondents who gave specific answers. A common program by which to analyze quantitative research is SPSS.

  • Qualitative research:

Qualitative research tends to be used more in the social sciences and arts and is when research seeks to ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ something has happened and explains the reasons with recourse to empirical mathematical models. Within primary research that uses qualitative research, small focus groups can often be employed. An open-ended questionnaire that collates and assesses a range of verbal responses would be analyzed using qualitative techniques as the answers given do not lend themselves to being processed in the manner described above relating to closed questionnaires.

  • Mixed methodology:

A mixed methodology features aspects of each or all of the above techniques. In a dissertation where one is assessing, for instance, the effects of flooding in the Wirral peninsula, all the research techniques mentioned above would likely be used. Secondary data would be used through a literature review, closed-ended questionnaires could be analyzed using a statistical panel and interviews with experts would be commented upon concerning existing literature. Accordingly, both primary and secondary research techniques would be utilized as well as qualitative and quantitative mechanisms.


A crucial part of any dissertation or a thesis is the methodology section which shows the reader the system of methods you applied to investigate the topic of your dissertation.

The methodology is used to describe the broad theoretical aspects of the chosen research methods, regardless of whether they are qualitative, qualitative, or a mix of both. The methodology is perhaps the most complicated section of any research paper, dissertation, or thesis, mostly because of the large amount of work that is required to complete this section of your writing.

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Best Structure for Your Methodology

Of course, no one wants to fail in their dissertations intentionally, and your research methodology dissertation section can make or break your paper. When you submit your thesis, the methodology section will be scrutinized and critiqued by your teacher/lecturer. Therefore, the methodology for your paper must be sound, clear, and comprehensive to be able to hold up under pressure.

This includes a brief explanation of the background for the research, rationale for the selection of the area of study which consists of the selection of the research area, formulation of the hypothesis for the study. This is an important step that helps the reader to determine the scope, direction, and depth of your research.

The research should always aim to provide answers to research questions while the objectives sub-divide the goals even further to address each part as a separate entity. You should give your rationale explaining why you chose the research topic and explain your choice of research methodologies. Also, provide an explanation of the steps you took to select the research and data collection processes.

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Research Methodology

  • Research design: Research design can be defined as what you plan to do to answer the research questions. This refers to the specific choice of collection and analysis methods for all your data.
  • Data collection techniques: The techniques allude to the various processes you employ to collect data information from all the relevant sources of information, test your hypothesis and analyses the results. They can be further subdivided into primary and secondary data collection methods.

Secondary sources of data refer to the information that has already been published online, in books, journals, etc. Primary data collection methods include qualitative and quantitative methods which are associated with non-quantifiable and quantifiable (mathematical calculations) aspects respectively.

  • Sampling: This is the principle that is used to identify a section of the population that is to be included in the study. This is important because it is used to reference a large population size by obtaining a smaller more manageable sample.


  • Ethical considerations: This is an essential aspect of the research process that is used to lay out some principles and values that help us to distinguish between acceptable and wrongful practices during the research process. A good example of ethical consideration is informed consent and voluntary participation.

Validity and Reliability

Process of Writing A Dissertation Methodology Online

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  2. Provide a background of the research
  3. The rationale behind your design choices
  4. Describe your design methods
  5. Evaluation of the research method and its limitations

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