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Statistics deals with collection, review, analysis and finally drawing conclusions from the provided data. Consequently, dissertation statistics calls for testing of the hypothesis which in turn needs competent guidance by professionals to collect, analyze, and account for the output provided. Statistical knowledge is very crucial. Regardless of the type of course pursued, the employment of statistics is wanted in various fields within that bachelor’s degree. Most students do not understand the concept of statistics which makes them hit a dead end when it’s time to formulate a dissertation.

Statistics more often require great depth in research. When you establish your dissertation writings on rigid statistical analysis, it not only results in you generating a flawless custom write-up but also nurtures your credibility and reliability. Dissertation output based on substandard statistical analysis distorts or rather undermines your results’ validity. Attesting to the employment of statistical tests to test hypothesis is a proof that you did thorough research and dissertation supervisors have to also use the same to test for a hypothesis. Well, you don’t have to worry because we are here to account for all findings.

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A dissertation is normally split into several parts that mainly compose how general findings are arrived at. The stated parts of a dissertation comprise:

  • Title of the dissertation: This is usually featured on the first page of the dissertation. It often entails the name of the client, institution, dissertation submission date, and the program undertaken by the student and may also contain the supervisor’s name. Institutions behave differently in a manner that not all of them use the same title formats hence they vary. The title summarizes the whole dissertation. We can help you obtain a suitable title for your dissertation project.
  • Introduction: Here, we introduce the topic of the dissertation which lays a lime-light of the research study. It aims to highlight the importance and relevance of the study. The topic places the study into context and uses a problem statement to vividly outline the need for the research study in the long-run. Research questions are also introduced in this phase. Research questions provides one with a clue of where the study is headed. At the end of the introduction we have to acquire knowledge on the researcher’s role in the study. Our team’s role here is to account for the need for research study and provide suitable research questions for you.
  • Literature review/Theoretical framework: Before this chapter, you have to accumulate enough materials to gather information from. This involves favorable journals and books which provide a dense historical overview. That’s not enough, because you have to dig deeper in them and make them correlate with the research study. In this section, there’s a probability of providing answers to the research questions in the previous section. In literature review section, you keep improving your understanding on the study because new information are generated. We trust we will explore the sources and come up with a sense of relation between the origin of the information and the research study. We are also liable for answering the research questions featured in the previous chapter. You can count that on us.
  • Research methodology: This generally poses the question, “How did you conduct the research?” Obtaining furnished data right from collection goes through a concrete stage of analysis. Concluding the right approach to use to obtain and analyze raw data is never an easy task. In this particular section, we will be able to identify the date that the research took place, the approach used to gather data, the specific place of the research study, finally the equipment and programs used to obtain the data. We are also set to highlight the challenges faced during the research study and the demerits of conducting the study. Lastly we can come up with measures put in place to improve below-par researches research studies.
  • Findings: In this chapter, we have to organize and provide findings well answerable to the research questions posed earlier. Data is deeply examined and we have to find out the approaches used to analyze it. We can also provide supplementary proof to anchor our findings by including materials like graphs to broaden understanding of the research. The general output also has to match with the topic in the introduction to avoid misleading the reader.
  • Discussion: Considering that a couple of research questions were asked in the early sections, we have to make sure that they are answered and on the other hand relate to the findings. We also have to point out the factors that influenced our results, if negative, we need to find out the reasons as to why that happened. A demerit is considered as an external factor that limits the research study’s potential result, consequently may as well be the cause of the changes in the outcome. Perhaps just as important as the outcome, we have to proof to the reader that the research can be repeated or rather practiced using the same approach as ours. This in turn leads us to the recommendations.
  • Conclusion: A conclusion is regarded as a general statement that sums up the whole research study. You may also make recommendations as well thus no restriction in this section. This chapter focuses on answering the main question from the introduction about topic selection. It simply summarizes the study by stating the benefits you gained from the research study and whether your work is able to be redone and the same findings arrived at without losing track.
  • References: As a cooperative team, our writers ought to list all the works cited when they use other sources amidst the research study process even while only paraphrasing or quoting authors. The same is listed in a bibliography in a well-formatted manner or rather using the provided style of formatting.

 Concerning the same, we also are willing to do the proofreading for you. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any dissertation questions. We are ready to unveil our prowess and generate a dissertation paper with unmatched quality.

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