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Our company is well-known for providing dissertation discussion chapter writing services to students just like you. Therefore, if you have had trouble finding a reliable company, look no more.  All the effort you have put in the previous chapters of your dissertation, like the methodology, analysis, and results, were purposeful to help you write a critical and convincing discussion of the results of your study.

This chapter requires you to give context to the charts, graphs, and data you provided in the results section. As a researcher, you will know and understand the findings, but your readers will not. That is why it is imperative that you explain your research findings in the dissertation discussion chapter.  Sometimes, the discussion and conclusion are written separately, while other times, they are combined.

Tips For Writing Dissertation Discussion Chapter

In the discussion, you should explain the meaning, relevance, and significance of the results obtained from your research, thus showcasing your abilities in analyzing and describing data. The arguments you make in this part lay a foundation for your dissertation conclusion.

The discussion chapter is the most challenging part to write for most people. This is because they will have spent a lot of time writing the dissertation’s main body and feel they have nothing else to say. Due to this, students end up rehashing previous chapters’ conclusions in this section, which is a mistake. We have been in this business for many years, and we will know what to include in the discussion chapter. First of all, let us look at some of the crucial aspects your discussion chapter should have.

  • The section should offer clear data interpretations. You will have figures, tables, and charts in the results section; if they mean something, you should explain to the reader in the discussion chapter. Imagine you are talking to an individual with a basic understanding of the topic. The introduction and literature review will give them insights into the issue. You will then provide them with the research findings in the results, and the discussion part should explain the result’s meaning and significance. You should avoid overgeneralizing your results; do not say your findings can be applied in other studies.
  • State and explain the practical implication of the findings. It is essential to mention how the results will benefit the scientific and academic community and humanity.
  • What are your limitations? We all know that no research is final; they have challenges because they are obtained from controlled environments and variables. Ensure you mention all the limitations of the study and give recommendations for future research.
  • Consider the chapter’s length. You may have worked with a dissertation proposal writing company that gave you a brilliant outline for your project. With the outline, you may have found plenty of information that you would want to include in your paper during your research. Restrict yourself from going overboard and having a lengthy chapter. Make sure you stick to the relevant facts and explain them clearly.
  • You should evaluate the extent to which your aims and objectives have been achieved.
  • Do not speculate. Avoid speculation at all costs in your discussion of the results. Your discussion should be based on the collected data and research questions. Speculating will undermine the credibility of your research.

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It is not unusual for you to face difficulties when writing your dissertation discussion chapter. You did all the research and presented your findings, but choosing the simplest words to explain the meaning of your results may be hard, causing you to get stuck. With the help of our skilled writers, you will be able to complete the discussion chapter. We have outlined some benefits of working with us below:
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As long as you understand the major elements of each chapter, you can decide how to format your research paper. Whether this section and conclusion are integrated or not, you should understand what it entails. Most students find the academic paper’s discussion section challenging to write since they struggle with the right words to describe and analyze their data.

For this reason, they opt to look for help in writing the chapter. In existence are several dissertation discussion chapter writing companies that may not deliver up to your standards. However, you can never go wrong by choosing our services. We have a team of professional writers that can help you finish up your project with a compelling discussion chapter. Regardless of your topic, our services will offer you the help you need to attain your goals. Feeling a bit pressured by the task? Allow us to take some of the pressure off by helping you to complete the discussion chapter of your academic paper.

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