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Qualitative data analysis servicesQualitative data analysis services? I have conducted interviews and focus groups, now how will I analyze this data? Many PhD candidates get stuck when conducting qualitative analysis because it is more involving than quantitative analysis. We have hired professional researchers, statisticians, and methodologists with vast experience in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods analysis. Our company has worked with many undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students from the  United States, UK, UAE, and Canada, among other countries.

How We Help with Qualitative Analysis

  • Transcription of interviews and focus groups.
  • Coding of interview and focus group transcripts.
  • Thematic identification and analysis.
  • Content analysis.
  • Interview/Focus group protocol development.
  • Qualitative questionnaire development.
  • NVivo analysis.
  • Field notes analysis.

What are the Qualifications of Our Dissertation Consultants

We understand that qualitative analysis requires attention to detail and accurate description and interpretation. Therefore, we only employ master’s and PhD-educated experts to handle our qualitative analysis orders. It is important to ensure that your qualitative analysis task is handled by an experienced expert who understands coding and thematic analysis well. Our experts are also passionate with qualitative analysis and are available 24/7 to assist yo with any problems.  In addition to completing the analysis process, our experts can help you write comprehensive results and discussion chapters for your qualitative dissertation, thesis, or capstone project.

Why Should You Choose Our Qualitative Data Analysis Services

Resourceful undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate students undertaking different courses often use our qualitative dissertation writing services. We can help you analyze qualitative data collected from interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, and observations using NVivo and MAXQDA, among other software. Our team of methodologists and statisticians are ready to help you conduct qualitative analysis for your dissertation, research papers, journal, and coursework. In addition to delivering high-quality qualitative results reports, we will also help with other dissertation chapters and address all revision comments from your supervisor and committee.

We Can Help You with All Types Qualitative analysis

  • Constant comparison/Grounded theory.
  • Typology analysis.
  • Taxonomy/domain analysis.
  • Analytic induction.
  • Logical/ matrix analysis.
  • Microanalysis/ Event Analysis.
  • Quasi-statistics.
  • Metaphorical Analysis.

Why Choose a Qualitative Study?

Get an expert to advise you about the most suitable qualitative design to use for your study. As a doctorate student, you need to understand why qualitative analysis is used and the major types of qualitative designs. There are different types of qualitative designs, including case studies, ethnography, phenomenology, and narrative approaches that our experts are well-trained on. Don’t hesitate to order any type of qualitative analysis from our company. Through our qualitative data analysis services, we will ensure that you get appropriate research purposes, objectives, methodology, design, and analysis. Our experts will also be available 24/7 to provide you with advice and revisions.

The Benefits of Our Qualitative Analysis Consulting

 The ultimate goal of conducting qualitative analysis is to publish a dissertation, research paper, or manuscript. Therefore, it is important to hire qualified experts to ensure your scholarly is approved and published on time. Our company assures 100% satisfaction with qualitative data analysis, which is the most important part of your study. Inaccurate analysis of data will only increase the chances of your paper being rejected. After ordering qualitative analysis from our company, we will assign you a professional data analysis to help you complete your data analysis task.

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When you order data analysis services, we ensure that your information is well-protected and not divulge to third party individuals. We are available 24/7 for any inquiries, orders, and revisions from our clients. Our payment platform is very secure and we also offer 100% money-back guarantee.

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