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Unlike other literature reviews, systematic reviews require more comprehensive and detailed structural analyses of research studies to answer research questions. Therefore, it is important to get help from season experts who can guide you through the explicit and systematic methods of conducting systematic literature reviews. Our experts will help you conduct a thorough literature search, identify, and critically appraise current and relevant studies. In addition, our writers will help you collect and analyze data from studies that are selected for the systematic review. We can also help those who wish to conduct meta-analysis by analyzing data from the selected studies to answer specific hypothesis. We have statisticians who can help you conduct t-tests, regression, chi-square, ANOVA, and correlation, among others.

Writing a Systematic ReviewWant to write a systematic literature review but don’t have an idea where to start? Dons hesitate to contact us for expert assistance and guidance on systematic review writing. We have master’s and PhD-level experts who can help you conduct accurate systematic reviews. Writing a systematic review requires a lot of preparation, excellent methodological skills, and expert research skills to ensure high-quality appraisal of selected studies.

Types of Systematic Reviews

  • Qualitative: This type of systematic review involves the appraisal of primary studies that were conducted using qualitative designs.
  • Quantitative: This type of systematic review involves the evaluation of findings from primary quantitative studies.
  • Meta-analysis: This type of systematic review involves statistical analysis of findings reported by primary quantitative studies.

Writing Systematic Reviews: Step-By-Step Process

1. Design the research question(s).
2. Develop inclusion and exclusion criteria.
3. Conduct literature search to identify studies.
4. Evaluate and select studies
5. Assess the validity and quality of the studies.
6. Extract data for meta-analyses.
7. Critically appraise/analyze the studies.
8. Present and interpret the results.

Basic Structure of a Systematic Review

Systematic reviews have 6 major sections:
Abstract: We can help you develop a comprehensive abstract that summarizes the background, methodology, results, and conclusions of the systematic review.
Introduction: Our writers will ensure your systematic review introduces the literature gap being addressed, purpose, research questions, and aims of the study.
Methods: Our experts have vast experience in developing logical and clear systematic review methodologies. We will ensure that this section addresses the inclusion/exclusion criteria, study identification, data extraction, quality assessment, critical appraisal, and data analysis.
Results: This section contains a detailed discussion of the findings from the systematic review. We can help you describe the search results accurately.
Discussion: This sections includes an extensive discussion of the findings in relation to previous research, limitations, strengths, and weaknesses.
References: The systematic review should be referenced appropriately in APA, HARVARD, MLA, Chicago, etc.

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